Do you like Vietnam?

In the Vietnam there are many motorbike

In the Vietnam there are many polite people

Also like drinking tea

At the Vietnam winter have no snow

In the spring it is hot

In the fall it is hot

 In the summer it is very hot

so I like Vietnam

and all of my friends like Vietnam


My daily life at KISH

I go to KISH everyday with my friends, sometimes I don’t want to go to KISH. Because there are many works to do in school and many homework. We have mid term test and final test every semester. I hate to take a test. At breaktime, my friends and I play basketball and soccer at gym. Inside the gym, there are many students who is playing badminton and basketball too. My favourite subject is P.E and english. We play baseball with our classmate and I like learning engilsh with Liz teacher and Hazel teacher. The hardest subject is Korean and science, because there are many rules and words to remember. I am not good at studying, but I like to learn more things with teachers. I will study hard and I am going get all 100points in final tests. This is my first dream at KISH. 12

About me

Hi my name is seungyup baik. I am a student in grade 8 and I am a boy. I from Korea but now I am living at Vietnam. I go to school called KISH everyday. I want to a computer programmer. My hobby is playing games and soccer. I like watching tv with my friends. My favourite k-pop group is Red velvet and my favourite subject is p.e and english. I don’t like taking tests because it’s hard. I like to study english with my homeroom teacher Hazel

Soccer news

At 2017 3/12 Sunday there as a soccer game Tottenham Hospur vs Millwall.
Tottenham Hotspur scored 6goals against Milwall. In Tottenham Hotspur there is one korean soccer player called Son Heung Min. He scored 3goals in the game. He was the first korean soccer players who score a hat trick. He was MVP in the game. He’s positon is attack lft wing, so he could score 3goals easily. He is the best korean soccer player, so Tottenham Hotspuer and Korean needs Son Heung Min. Son Heung Min is the second intelligent soccer player. The first intelligent soccer player is Park Ji Sung. Son Heung Min’s shooting power, pass quality, and running are perfect, so he could easily scored hat trick. He is not key player, he is changed player, but his age is only 25. He can be changed to key player.